Acsystème: systems analysis and control

Acsystème [aksistεm] was set up in 2002 by a team of control engineers. Their goal: to help manufacturers and research laboratories to improve the performance of their systems. Their tools: the techniques of analysis and control of the systems based on the mathematical models.

Through fixed-price study contracts, technical assistance missions or specialised training, Acsystème puts at your disposal the expertise of its experimented advisers at the service of systems performance.

Acsystème’s know-how is sought in various sectors as:

  • mechanical and electrical systems (automotive, rail, naval, aeronautics, space, agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, special machines…),
  • continuous processes (energy, food processing industry, chemicals, oil…),
  • industrial engineering (logistics, flow optimisation, agro-food formulation…).×450.jpg

Its recognised expertise leads Acsystème to work with R&D departments of the largest industrial groups as well as with innovative SMEs. We can simply design the new solutions and let you control their implementation, or guide you until the commissioning and validation of these new solutions.

Dedicated expertise to industrial performance

Improving performance requieres mastery of mutliple scientific and technical subjects, mostly from applied mathematics.

  • data analysis (data science),
  • signal and image processing (filtering, detection, pattern recognition),
  • data-based modelling, or “black box” modelling, frequently referred to artificial intelligence (classification, supervised or not, machine learning, deep learning).
  • modelling of physical systems (electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, thermal, chemical, etc.),
  • control engineering (design of regulation and control loops, analysis of stability and robustness),
  • the many optimisation methods,
  • scientific computing (or the art of developing computer programs dedicated to scientific or technological applications, using specific tools to this profession).

Acsystème’s founders×200.jpg

Patrice Houizot

control engineer

Sébastien Saliou

control engineer
control engineer expert×200.jpg

Stéphanie Lescarret

instrumentation engineer
data science expert