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Since 2002, Acsystème has already provided numerous solutions in order to answer to performance needs of thses customers. Below, browse the achievements of our engineers, and find those that most closely match with your needs!

Meticulous, automated planning monitoring

Data plays a major role in the tracking and analysing processes. Sometimes, there is nothing better than visual expertise for monitoring equipment usage. In such cases, cameras can be used as support with visual information interpretation by a staff member. Focus

Meal preparation to the nearest gram!

In the agri-food industry, the weight displayed on the packaging must meet specific requirements (TU1, TU2, etc.) in accordance with the regulations

Badly designed software is like a blunt knife: you can’t focus on your work!

Designing an efficient and user-friendly tool can also be a challenge. The first proofs-of-concept stage, buggy and difficult to use, are sometimes the only resources available and do not attract support.

Tired after a month of copy-paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V)?

To provide those reports, it is sometimes necessary to use data from various Excel files. In this case, they were hundreds of files, and the interlocutor in charge of the reporting was monopolised for a month for this copy-paste task.

Powertrain control

For more than 10 years, Acsystème has cooperated with PSA in designing innovative powertrains. These innovations deal with the transmission system (robotised gearbox, clutch control …) or the whole powertrain, particularly with hybrid systems.

Automated, optimised palettisation: new solutions!

Task automation saves valuable time in manufacturing, inventory management and package preparation. Palletisation is one of the regular steps in an industrial logistics flow. In most cases, products are homogeneous, and the traditional robot palletising solutions are sufficient

Data science: from visualisation to use case

In 2000, discussions about algorithms and models were restricted to experts. Since then, these terms have become common parlance, and new professions have made the headlines concerning a new field known to all as “Data Science”.

Towards automatic palletisation for heterogeneous elements

In the current industrial world, task automation is a way to save valuable time for manufacturing products, managing stocks and preparing packages.

Machine learning thanks to neural networks

The principle of a neural network is to schematically reproduce the human brain and its way of associating items so as to automatise the process into a machine : it is commonly called artificial intelligence.

Acsystème, an adventure with a solar vehicle with EcoSolarBreizh

The desire to actively contribute to one of our century’s challenges: lower environmental impact due to transport.