Control expertise

Automatic control of your systems

Production, regulation, robotisation, etc. Whether in aeronautics, energy, automotive, agri-food or other sectors of industry, systems are the centre of attention for all those who wish to optimise them. What could be better than a lasting, stable improvement in performance using safe, automatic, and computerised control solutions? Acsystème’s “control” expertise makes systems… smarter!

Knowing how to anticipate, master its control, regulate, and optimise are the keys to reliable, sustainable industrial systems. From the automotive industries to aeronautics, from energy to the agri-food industry, there are many areas that are looking for sustainable, efficient simplification of the management and control of their systems.

Anticipate, control, regulate according to your constraints…

The problems arise from the complexity of these systems and the difficulty of basing management on purely human control processes. These are the reasons why Acsystème’s “control” expertise has already captured the attention of many manufacturers. Amongst our interventions in the design or optimisation of control systems: refrigeration systems, thermal, electric, hybrid motorisation systems, driving aids for autonomous vehicles, regulators for dams, sunroofs, etc.

As a result of the automatic. tailor-made control of your systems

You too can benefit from high-performance algorithms and facilitate the automation, regulation, and optimisation of your industrial systems with “control” expertise. Using solutions taking into account the scientific knowledge of your systems, and also your regulation and optimisation objectives, you will be able to ensure robust, long-lasting performance for your systems.

To go further, why not use these mathematical models to create new indicators that are more relevant to your performance? Better still: why not model the system as soon as possible to test technical or strategic choices from the design of the system and from it being drawn (model-based design approach)? Enjoy some time saving during development…not to mention the faster convergence of solutions!

Practical cases

Oscillation damping of an electrical or hybrid vehicle

The field that relates to this invention is the control of electrical powertrains used for electrical and hybrid vehicles.