Our goal:
support your innovation and strive for efficiency

For energy players, the search for performance is growing. Whether you are a manufacturer, integrator or producer, the objective is always to size the installation as well as possible and then to manage it optimally according to the constraints of use (production capacity, performance, consumption, maintenance, etc.).

For more than 20 years, we have supported many players in the energy sector in innovation by applying the modelling and simulation approach to develop “business” tools for engineering, to develop support tools sizing, designing production optimisation algorithms and analysing data for maintenance: hydraulic dams, thermodynamic solar power plant, generator, smart grid, micro grid, grid code, etc.

Let’s work together !

The thorns in your side

  • difficulty in sizing the installations
  • low equipment reliability
  • complexity in diagnosing defects
  • non-optimised production and maintenance schedule
  • increase in production costs

Your major challenges

  • improving your performance
  • supporting your R&D activity
  • benefiting from customised support
  • increasing the skills of your teams

What you will experience

  • sharing your challenges and your needs
  • following a clear schedule that is adapted to your process
  • designing, but not alone
  • being trained by experts
  • capitalising on knowledge and know-how
  • being lent support over time

Our references

Our jargon

  • Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow, Simscape, Amesim,
  • Python, R,
  • modellling, simulation, optimisation, sizing
  • Model-Based Design, functional safety, smart grid
  • energy management strategy, business intelligence.

Practical cases

Simulation : a successful application

Let see through some applications how an industrial has succesfully integrated the simulation method in his engineering approach, by uniting all units efforts implied in those projects.

Concentrated solar power plant modelling

Offering a low-cost and eco-friendly energy sources for high sunshine rate developing country