Our goal:
support your innovation and strive for performance

Since the 2010s, the industrial sector has been turned upside down by the arrival of industry 4.0: virtual reality, digital twin, data analysis, connected objects, artificial intelligence… The objective sought is to organise the means of production of a new way to be more efficient (speed and quality), to benefit from an optimised production flow (from order to delivery), while reducing production costs (energy consumption, maintenance, etc.).

Since 2002, our activity consists of supporting manufacturers in improving the performance of their production tools. Our expertise based on modelling and simulation makes it possible to design, test and develop control strategies without requiring production lines to be stopped: help with the sizing of installations, improvement of the regulation of a production machine, production data analysis, planning optimisation, predictive maintenance, automatic palletisation of heterogeneous products, etc.

Let’s work together !

The thorns in your side

  • difficulty in sizing the installations
  • low equipment reliability
  • complexity in diagnosing defects
  • non-optimised production and maintenance schedule
  • increase in production costs

Your major challenges

  • improving your industrial performance
  • supporting your R&D activity
  • benefiting from customised support
  • increasing the skills of your teams

What you will experience

  • sharing your challenges and your needs
  • following a clear schedule that is adapted to your process
  • designing, but not alone
  • being trained by experts
  • capitalising on knowledge and know-how
  • being lent support over time

Our references

Our jargon

  • Matlab, Simulink, Stateflow, Simscape
  • Python, R,
  • digital twin, predictive maintenance, optimisation
  • decision-support tools, industry 4.0, artificial intelligence
  • commando intervention, rare bird, industrial computing

Practical cases

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and augmented reality

Artefacto (augmented reality), ECN (architecture), Egis (engineering) and Acsystème (algorithm) have pooled their skills to develop an efficient building site monitoring tool for construction companies

Automated, optimised palettisation: new solutions!

Task automation saves valuable time in manufacturing, inventory management and package preparation. Palletisation is one of the regular steps in an industrial logistics flow. In most cases, products are homogeneous, and the traditional robot palletising solutions are sufficient