Robotised palletisation for transport of packages

How to stack various sized package efficiently and harmoniously in a fully automatised way? Using former work accomplished one year earlier with board palletisation, Acsystème designed an original solution with unique performance.

Sorting centers, like those of the post, have to cope with the same issue: outgoing packages need to be bundled onto pallets, but the diversity of shapes makes it hard to turn this process into an automated task. In fact, the human operator knows how to take several natural constraints like stacking stability, incoming package visibility and pace, accessibility around the pallets or even final compactness into account.

With bin-packing based techniques, Acsystème developed an original stacking algorithm based on intuitive criteria for quality stacking (compactness, use of free space, overlap…). Overall, a combination of more than 10 criteria, optimised thanks to genetic algorithms, was used to determine package positioning. The numerous setting possibilities offer great flexibility to this solution which can be applied to other industrial problems.

The software, created with Matlab environment, is currently running full-scale tests in real time on a robotised cell prototype desiugned by Fimec Technologies. Observed performances is already way beyond the best existing solutions on the market…

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