Builders of algorithmic solutions

builders of algorithmic solutions

Engineers, directors, managers of the industry, discover how algorithms can be at your service.

Your business

Your system performance

What are your levers of performance and profitability?

  • dashboads or expert system for analysis and decision making?
  • sizing optimisation?
  • higher rate or reduction in time?

For your “systems” to be machines, processes, vehicles or products, Acsystème develops for you the solution that best fits your needs.

A customised service

Some practical cases

Powertrain control

For more than 10 years, Acsystème has cooperated with PSA in designing innovative powertrains. These innovations deal with the transmission system (robotised gearbox, clutch control …) or the whole powertrain, particularly with hybrid systems.

Machine learning thanks to neural networks

The principle of a neural network is to schematically reproduce the human brain and its way of associating items so as to automatise the process into a machine : it is commonly called artificial intelligence.

Each scenario, each objective, each situation is different. That is why Acsystème specialty is on customised studies and interventions. Thereby, Acsystème provides the expertise of its experienced consultants whatever your area of expertise or your industrial production – for example, mechanical and electric systems, continuous process, treatment of financial flow – banks, insurance…

Customised service

Increase and optimise your team’s performance through the developement of their skills. Through a training catalogue, Acsystème put their pedagogy at the service of your technicians, engineers, researchers. Mainly oriented toward the practice of control engineering technique, data science and operations research, our training courses will also allow you to master essential software tools.

Training program

Industry 4.0 :
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