Automatic control

Analysis and automatic control

At Acsystème, engineers strive to design the most suitable system according to customer needs and constraints.

A well-designed system does not require the use of complex techniques. Indeed, we are convinced that structural simplicity for an algorithm (or a regulator, an estimator, a filter…) is the better and the most natural way to insure a system’s robustness.

Consequently, it is with clear sight that our engineers look at any requirement specifications received, and decide which technique will be needed in order to reach the most effective solution.

In the field of system modelling, Acsystème provides its technical expertise in:

  • physical modelling for mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, ballistic and more systems
  • system identification, black box, model tuning
  • principal component analysis
  • neural network…

People working at Acsystème also master a very wide range of control law synthesis techniques, such as:

  • PID controllers, RST, pole placement, …
  • LQR/LQG design, H∞
  • adaptive and predictive control, iterative feedback tuning, fuzzy logic…

Practical cases

Optimisation of the level control for an ammonia evaporator

Yara, a chemical company producing fertilizer, wished to improve the level control dynamic behaviour of the workshop producing ammonium nitrate. A strategic project due to the precision required for the chemical formulas.

Powertrain control

For more than 10 years, Acsystème has cooperated with PSA in designing innovative powertrains. These innovations deal with the transmission system (robotised gearbox, clutch control …) or the whole powertrain, particularly with hybrid systems.