Predictive maintenance

Which maintenance strategy?

The more complex the industrial system, the more expensive the associated maintenance. Increasing competition is pushing manufacturers to have flexible, productive factories, whilst ensuring the highest quality at minimum cost: maintenance strategies are at the heart of this concern.

To achieve these goals, maintenance strategies require stakeholders to be increasingly involved, while ensuring the lowest cost. From the corrective maintenance of a failure, we have progressively moved to routine preventive maintenance, and towards condition-based preventive maintenance strategies. The latter requires reliability indicators and a data collection strategy, specific to each system, which can be measured or modelled to trigger maintenance actions.×506.jpg

Predictive/preventive maintenance involves using predictive models of component reliability, system structure and parts supply (to increase the system availability by undertaking the anticipated interventions) and reducing maintenance times, optimising spare part supply conditions (just-in-time purchase), and taking opportunities which appear during the operating phase of a production system.

If you need to develop model-based failure indicators, or to learn to model the behaviour of a production system from your data, contact Acsystème.

Guillaume Clavel, February 2017

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