Thickness test bench with Labview

The R&D department of an industrialist in the field of cosmetics realise numerous thickness measurements on its bottles to validate their design. Until now, those measurements were done manually with a Magna-Mike device comprising a stylus and a magnetised ball. This manual, long and tedious process to validate and report has been automated.

Acsystème and AMC Concept Industrie designed and developed a test bench to automate measurements and validation: creation of a product database, learning of a measuring sequence, statistics generation, and reports.

Our partner took over the mechanical part while Acsystème developed the electronics and bench control. The principle is to learn test sequences while piloting the stylus around the bottle with joysticks, then playing the sequences again on another bottle to finally generate Excel reports.

Bench supervision was entirely realised with Labview through a Tablet PC (Touchscreen) to:

  • browse the administrator interface of the product database
  • create new sequences with predefined measurements
  • run measurements and automatically generate Excel reports, either for one product (unit) or several (serial)
  • pilot the motor step-by-step (2 axes), either with software program or with 2 joysticks
  • connect Magma-Mike using a serial link to retrieve thickness measurements

The customer’s team was thrilled with the test bench and is considering automating other test units.

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