Scientific computing

Scientific computing: the engineer’s tool

Designing new systems or enhancing the performance of existing ones involves a growing demand for simulation and optimization techniques. Scientific computing offers efficient tools to define problems, solve them, and graphically display the solution, among other tasks.

Acsystème’s engineers rely on state-of-the-art hardware for IT development when designing software products able to solve complex problems.

To achieve that, they use powerful environments for numerical calculation, modelling, simulation and online control such as Matlab (Mathworks) or Scilab (Scilab Enterprises).

These software products used by millions of engineers and scientists worldwide are linked to toolboxes providing engineers with an extensive library of reliable digital methods. Seeking efficiency, Acsystème has developed some of its own toolboxes to answer customer needs with very specific demands.

Practical cases

Badly designed software is like a blunt knife: you can’t focus on your work!

Designing an efficient and user-friendly tool can also be a challenge. The first proofs-of-concept stage, buggy and difficult to use, are sometimes the only resources available and do not attract support.

Tired after a month of copy-paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V)?

To provide those reports, it is sometimes necessary to use data from various Excel files. In this case, they were hundreds of files, and the interlocutor in charge of the reporting was monopolised for a month for this copy-paste task.