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Tools for performance

A company’s performance relies on the skills of its men and women. This is the reason why Acsystème offers courses for beginners or refresher training to improve skills of technicians, engineers or researchers.

There are two major topics for training courses:

  • analysis and control methods of systems
  • software tools required to implement these methods

Mainly based on automatic control, our step-by-step classes are completed with sessions dedicated to scientific computation software like Matlab, Scilab or Labview. These tools are known worldwide in the scientific and industrial community, and are very powerful for numerical calculation, modelling or simulation.×528.jpg
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For professionals

Our training courses are conceived to match at the most industrial reality. They will bring you keys to autonomy and success on the topic covered.

Each chapter is illustrated by examples. Exercices are made to verify the understanding of teached functions.

At the end of the training, you will keep the printed course material.

The host is choosen among our team of engineers, to suit the course profile. In any cas, the host is a professional that daily practises our methods and softwares on industrial cases.

Moreover, Acsystème is a continuing education centre, referenced  n°53 35 07512 35 to the Brittany prefect. Training courses can be subject to training contract (according to law n°71.575 du 16.07.1971).

By professionals

Because our trainers first of all engineers, we guarantee a strong value-added feedback.

Our technical performance, really appreciated by our clients, is the result of our internal process of knowledge sharing.

In this handover process, the guidance policy is applied to trainers in the making at Acsystème. Thereby, we maintain a an optimum educational quality.

Acsysteme’s training

For optimum educational conditions, only 6 interns per session are allowed.

Engineers strong experience is made from field issues.

Some trainers are Matlab certified (Associate or Pro).

2 month support after each training course.×422.jpg
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4 rue René Dumont
35700 Rennes, France
+33 2 99 55 18 11


Several options  are available to you :

  • at your place : training courses can take place at your workplace, at an agreed place, with your equipment and your software licences,
  • at our place : we welcome you in our work environment with our computer equipment : projector, computer and software licences,
  • remotely : the training course takes place at our site through video conference, and a remote access to our computer equipment is available.

Training schedule can be adapted for your colleagues.

All our training courses can be done in english.×422.jpg
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You select one or more training courses from our training catalogue. We will help you choose the right classes combination for an optimum training.


Adapt a customizable training class to your needs. We translate your educational expectations to a training service. We will choose together the training units.

To guarantee an operational training, we ajust  the content to your training strategy, duration, working rhythm and location.

Each training session can be put into pratice through a dedicated practical exercises developed by the host, serving your profession.

Practical work

Within a group of 4 coworkers maximum, your challenges are outlined practically by our expert trainers.

Depending on objectives and input data, Acsystème’s training engineer will make you profit of his experience to direct your technical choices, explain the best method and guide you to the solution implementation.

After training support

Acsystème commit to a 2 month support after the training class, to help you to execute the skills you have learned. Ask your question by mailm, and the training team will answer you as quickly as possible.

Accompanying you with remote assistance

Remote asssitance can be added to our training courses. Thereby, your team, by using a prepaid time deposit, check with our experts. According to your needs, they will gave advices,  achieve a development, provide a knowledge transfer …

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