Tired after a month of copy-paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V)?

In reporting, it is sometimes necessary to extract information from numerous Excel files. In our case, the person responsible for reporting had to deal with hundreds of Excel files. It would take him a month of copy-pasting and entering data before providing an expert analysis in a report for his line management. This is now possible in a few seconds, without any risk of introducing errors. Explanation.

Acsystème spent several hours listing all the manual tasks performed by the client: open file No. 1, copy the contents of cell B8, paste it in cell D3 of the report file, etc. This is how we end up with hundreds of time-consuming manipulations with no added value which can happily be entrusted to software.

From this exhaustive list, we designed a tool to automate all these manual tasks for data extraction and calculation. The tool opens each Excel file, copy-pastes the specified data and closes the files autonomously. It then generates final reports (Word, Excel, etc.) whilst respecting the client’s customised document templates.

The person responsible for reporting can now generate his report in a few seconds instead of a full month. This obvious time saving enables him to focus on data analysis, by completing the reports generated. He can also perform more valuable tasks. The return on investment is immediate.×422.jpg

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