Acsystème Report Toolbox

The report toolbox

Acsystème Report Toolbox is actually two toolboxes used to generate and modify Microsoft Word or Excel documents. It is based on ActiveX technology. The way our functions works stick to the way of using Word and Excel applications.

For instance, outside Matlab, to edit a Word sheet, the user has to open Word, create or open a document, then add the modification (text, figure, table…). It is the same process with an Excel workbook.

The report toolbox grants access to many features (add a table somewhere, resize a figure, reshape a test and a lot more) without opening Word or Excel, directly from Matlab. Most of the times, functions are linked to reference to Word or Excel item (document, table, selector, sheet, cell…).×75.png×79.png×98.png×74.png×78.png×141.png

Practical application

Automatically generated reports: done!

Since 2010, Acsystème Report Toolbox (ART) generates and updates automatically Word and Excel reports from a Matlab program. A considerable time saving that Acsystème uses in all of its projects.