Data science: from visualisation to use case

What does the future of data analysis within companies look like? The statements below were gathered from interviews with manufacturers who adopted a “Big Data” approach.

Over the last few years the science-based professions have begun to fall within the reach of everyone. In 2000, discussions about algorithms and models were restricted to experts. Since then, these terms have become common parlance, and new professions have made the headlines concerning a new field known to all as “Data Science”.

Data Science has developed gradually. Data visualisation is the decisive development step that convinced the novices. Company decision-makers could finally see their data in a new light, with data restitution that enriches their deliberations compared to the usual reports.

This step seems to have been decisive in attracting investors but is not an end in itself. The “discovery” effect raises questions and a desire for deeper analysis. And this is where it becomes complicated!

Although the first use cases for proofs of concept have been widely studied by companies, their research will become more complex as the growth drivers will be increasingly difficult to identify. We are witnessing the beginnings of a “question market”, with new professions to come…

Olivier Hays, September 2017

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