A look back at the Matlab seminar held in Rennes.

A look back at the Matlab seminar held in Rennes on 30 May 2024!

The programme included presentations by Pierre Harouimi, Mathworks, and Stéphanie Lescarret, Acsystème, highlighting the latest developments and best practices in Matlab development.

We explored current trends, in particular the development of artificial intelligence models and the integration of Matlab with Python. The aim is clear: to bring the Matlab-Python and Matlab-Simulink teams closer together to achieve greater synergy.

During the demo sessions, the Classification Learner app was used to compare different models, assessing their performance in terms of calculation time, size, and accuracy of results. The graphical tools associated with this tool provide a visual interpretation for business experts, making it easier to understand and use the models.

Stéphanie presented software development projects using Matlab:

  • OptiDozh: data analysis software to reduce the overdosing of food products),
  • and a project to optimise parcel palletisation.

These examples demonstrate how data analysis and the deployment of decision-support tools can transform industrial processes. Database management, calculations in masked time and real-time data analysis were among the highlights, illustrated by examples of graphical interfaces used by the company.

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