Meticulous, automated planning monitoring

Data plays a major role in the tracking and analysing processes. Sometimes, there is nothing better than visual expertise for monitoring equipment usage. In such cases, cameras can be used as support with visual information interpretation by a staff member. Focus.

Our client wanted to extract information from construction site images to see what can be detected by using image processing algorithms and visualisation tools.

By combining different image processing algorithms, a great deal of information can appear on an image. From analysis of colours or grey levels, it is possible to detect the helmets of the construction workers, to follow the movement of formwork (formwork elements), to detect the creation of a concrete floor or a wall, etc. With an appropriate height (from a crane, for example), a large amount of information becomes accessible.

Snapshot from the crane

For this project, as a starting point the client provided us with some codes developed by academics. We then set up an industrial IT approach and added some graphic features to provide the construction experts with the relevant information quickly: better knowledge of equipment usage and easier schedule management. Other aspects were then considered: monitoring the progress of a construction site by comparing photos and maps, monitoring the construction workers and the external workers on the construction site, etc. Using these tools, the construction site manager becomes part of Industry 4.0! The tools enable him to have all the relevant information and make appropriate decisions.

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