Matlab accreditation

Certified Matlab Professional

With a test score of 100%, Stépahnie Lescarret , co-founder of Acsystème, became “Certified Matlab Professional”. First in France to obtain this accreditation, the highest one delivered by Mathworks.

In the same time, two other Acsystème’s experts became “Certified Matlab Associate” : Thierry Mimar and Gilles Gonon.

T. Mimar, S. Lescarret, G. Gonon×436.jpg

Stéphanie Lescarret is the first person in France to obtain Matlab Associate certification

Stéphanie Lescaret, partner engineer and co-founder at Acsystème, is one of the first people in Europe (and first in France) to pass the “Certified Matlab Associate” exam.

The exam, in English and held in The MathWorks’ premises, tests Matlab users’ skills on a wide range of thematics and commands.

The first company in France with certified Matlab associates, Acsystème’s wants to go further and provide the opportunity to each of its trainers.

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