Mathworks event – May 30th @ Rennes

Megatrends and best practices with MATLAB by Mathworks and Acsystème.

On 30 May, Mathworks is organising a morning session in Rennes on best practice with Matlab. Stéphanie Lescarret has been invited to speak at the event. She will be talking about the design of data analysis algorithms and the deployment of decision-making tools.

The rest of the programme will cover topics ranging from collaborative working to the use of machine learning, Python and generative AI with Matlab.

In addition to Stéphanie Lescarret, you will be able to meet other Acsystème employees to discuss the day-to-day use of Matlab.

Meet at the Mercure Hotel in Rennes Centre on 30 May 2024 at 8.30am. All the information is available here.

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