Overview - training

Optimisation: overview of techniques (PT-OP)

Obtain fundamental concepts on optimisation techniques, their classification and their resolution


Vocabulary – Optimisation problem formulation

List classic problems

Overview of concrete optimization issues of different kinds

Order problem

Historical context – Problem categorization

Understand continuous optimisation

Standard resolution principle of methods for continuous minimization problems – Linear/Nonlinear cases – System of equations and least squares under constraints

Use approached resolution methods

Understand limits of continuous optimisation and discover approached methods like simulated annealing or genetic algorithms

Go further with multi objective optimisation

Multi-objective resolution methods – Pareto optimality – Pareto frontier

Initiation to combinatory optimisation

Problem typology and complexity – Combinatory representation with plot – Performance guarantee – Shortest path – Maximum flow – Spanning tree

Discover infinite optimisation

Introduction to problems of optimal control

Educational objectives

  • identify optimisation problems
  • understand the principles and concepts of resolution methods for different problems

Expected benefits

  • master optimisation concepts
  • wisely choose solutions according to problem complexity


Duration : 1 day

Target audience :

  • engineers
  • technicians

Training level :

  • introduction course
  • technical course

Prerequisite :

  • basic mathematical knowledge of derivation and integral formulation

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