S01E06: Simulation Data Inspector for easy model analysis, by Ronan BLANCHARD

The Simulation Data Inspector (SDI) is a Simulink tool that allows simulation results to be viewed quickly. After having selected the signals to be recorded in the model, it is possible to configure a figure quickly in order to analyse its behaviour.

The advantages of SDI are:

  • no code to write,
  • rapid figure creation,
  • no model overloading with scopes,
  • saving of previous results to compare different simulations.

Let’s illustrate the use of this tool by visualising the behaviour of an RC circuit.

First, the signals of interest need to be recorded in the model.

Next, let’s see how to create a figure from the simulation results.

We are now going to change a parameter of the model and compare the results of the two simulations

Once the figure is created, it can be exported very easily and added to a report.

This presentation is of course not exhaustive, and you will find more elements in the official SDI documentation by The Mathworks:

In conclusion, the SDI is a simple, user-friendly tool that enables Simulink users to increase productivity during the analysis of results, without having to modify the studied model. The user can very quickly summarise his simulation results and export them in a report.

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