Auto-personalised radio content

The WaveMeUp project

CreaWave (voice interfaces), Acsystème (algorithms), Mobizel (mobile/web applications) and Loustic (user experience laboratory) have pooled their skills to develop a radio that takes less of the driver’s attention due to voice push and information sequencing technologies: music, traffic, GPS, weather, etc.

Car manufacturers develop more and more solutions for interacting with the vehicle: voice, gestures, touchscreens, etc. However, these solutions are also likely to cause accidents since they attract too much of the drivers’ attention. The solution developed within the scope of the WaveMeUp collaborative project consists of offering personalised audio content, with user interaction limited to an initial configuration, and then learning using a “zap” button.

The innovations proposed in this project rely on the voice synthesis technologies developed by CreaWave/Acapela and intelligent algorithms. The first makes it possible to achieve voice realism inaccessible to traditional voice assistants for transmitting contextualised information. The learning algorithms will sequence the audio content in a relevant way depending on the driving context, the destination, etc. and will learn the programmes according to the driver’s wishes (60% music, 20% podcast, 10% traffic, etc.): start with destination weather, avoid giving GPS information during a news flash, read telephone notifications, etc.

No more complicated dialogues and risky manipulations: the information is “pushed” automatically and in a qualitative way when the driver needs it!

Gilles Gonon, September 2017

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