Matlab: graphical interface development (MA-IG)

Develop graphical interfaces so as to interactively implement calculation algorithms

Discover graphical user interface principle

Graphical interface principle – Callback functions – Menu – Contextual menus

Create a simple interface

Choice of data to display – Refresh display according to its chosen type

Using App Designer

Interface editor – Code editor – Graphical components range

Create an interface by programming

Principle – Coding – Pros/Cons compared to the App Designer

Use different graphical components

Push button – Toggle button – Radio button – Checkbox – Edit text – Frame – Slider…

Educational objectives

  • design graphical user interfaces
  • program them with Matlab

Expected benefit

  • develop your own graphic interfaces to interactively implement algorithms for scientific calculation


Duration: 1 day

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • programmers

Training level:

  • perfecting course
  • general subject


Download the sheet