Bâtiment intelligent

What is a smart building?

According to the definition of the French Regulatory Commission on Energy (CRE): “A smart building is a building with a high energetic efficiency, with an intelligent management of consumer, producer and storage devices…”

From home automation to smart buildings, CRE reconstitutes in an educational way the technological evolution since early 80’s until latest regulations, like RT 2012, and the increasing offers of suppliers.

The purpose of the concerned actors is to bring solutions to integrate humans in an autonomous ecosystem that manages energy production and consumption to ensure some degree of comfort (temperature, air quality, brightness, hygrometry…). Generally speaking, the smart building also adapts itself to the needs of its environment: district, town, area… This is a part of smart grids.

On a national scale, we can observe a lot of projects and suppliers whose vocation is to promote the concept such as the Kergrid Project (Schneider Electric, EDF and Morbihan) does, as well as the Delta Dore automated house or solutions for autonomous management in the Netamol and Qivivo companies, and many more…

On its own scale, Acsystème also participates by moving to premises supplied with positive energy, and of course by helping its customers find innovative and efficient solutions: electrical and hybrid vehicles, solar power plant, sailing cruise ship… and an asserted wish: to turn towards smart grid building energetic efficiency.

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