What’s automatic control?

It is not that easy to accurately define automatic control in a simple manner. In the following articles, different people introduce their point of view on control systems to enlighten reader’s understanding of that discipline.

  • “I use […] the term automatic control to speak about disciplines like signal processing, identification, control law […] but also those required to design and simulate”. (Pierre Bernhard, in “L’automatique au CNRS”, 18/08/2009)
  • On the first Acsystème website, in 2002, Patrice Houizot wrote an introduction to automatic control, popularizing the essential notions of his profession.
  • Through a paper written in 2010 addressing automatic control at CNRS, Pierre Bernhard gave a definition of control system, based on an article he had written earlier: “What is automatic control about?”
  • To go further, Philippe de Larminat, in his book “Automatique appliquée”, wrote about the differences between automatic control and cybernetics.
  • A very enlightening video to portray automatic control intended for students and the general public, by Raffaello D’Andrea. (ETH Zurich, Professor Raffaello D’Andrea from ETH Zurich at ZURICH.MINDS presents: “Feedback Control and the Coming Machine Revolution”)

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