Automatic control: Matlab tools (AU-OM)

Provide keys to efficiently use Matlab to automation engineers

Build linear models

Continuous/discrete models – Transfer functions – State-space representation – Zero-pole-gain models – LTI objects

Discover model characteristics

Continuous/Discrete – Pole – Zero – Static gain

Connect models betwen them

Parallels – Series – Feedback

Analyze models

LTI Viewer – Bode plot – Nichols plot – Nyquist plot – Frequency response – Time response – Impulse response – Gain margin – Phase margin – Root locus

Design controllers

PID – Pole placement

Design and validate controllers in Simulink

Linearization – PID gain calculation – Simulation

Educational objectives

  • use Matlab to define continuous and discrete models
  • analyze model performances
  • analyze model time and frequency responses
  • use and test Matlab tools to conceive controllers

Expected benefits

  • use efficiently Matlab tools to quickly solve automatic control issues


Duration: 1 day

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • automation experts

Training level:

  • perfecting course
  • general subject


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