Matlab: scientific calculation (MA-CS)

Getting used to Matlab and achieve numerical calculation, programs and visualizations

Discover Matlab environment

Development environment – Workspace – Loading, processing and visualization of data from Matlab interface

Handling different kinds of data

Matlab variables: declaration – Allocation – Reserved variables
Matrices: declaration – Creation – Indexation – Handling

Acquiring the basics in numerical calculation

Arithmetic operators – Relational operators – Logical operators – Holistic operators – Mathematical functions – Matrix functions – Basic static functions

Graphically visualizing data

Drawing principle – Interactive plot edition – 2D plot, 3D plot, images

First program with Matlab

Matlab Editor – Scripts, fonctions – Conditional execution, loop – Matlab debug

Import and export data

Importation wizard – Reading/writing functions of text files – reading functions for Excel files – import and export binary files

Master string handling

Declaration – Concatenation – Comparison – Conversion

Man-machine interfacing

Basic functions (asking, display in command window) – Predefined dialog boxes (error, warning list, file selection,…)

Educational objectives

  • getting used to the software environment: numerical calculation, visualization, programming environment
  • overview of Matlab main functions

Expected benefits

  • to know how to use Matlab environment
  • be independant on your first development


Duration: 2 days

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • technicians
  • scientists
  • mathematicians

Training level:

  • general subjects
  • apprenticeship


  • knowledge about matrix calculation and programming basics

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