Formation Acsystème Simulink

Simulink: dynamic systems programming and simulation (SI-MS)

Discover Simulink, the graphical environment for design and simulation of dynamic systems.

Design of a semi-active suspension

Describe components of the model – Model – Simulate – Results analysis

Model algebraic equations

Get used to Simulink on simple equations

Model a continuous system

Differential equations – Continuous library – Integrator – Variable-step solver – Simscape approach

Model a discrete system

Discrete equations – Sampling period – Pur delay – Discrete library – Fixed-step solver

Model a logical system

Comparison – Decision

Design a complete hybrid system

Subsystem: creation, mask, use, connection

Set simulation

Block state – Solver – Simulation time step and sampling period for discrete blocks – Stiff system – Algebraic loop – Zero-crossing detection

Using blocks with conditional execution

Purpose – Implementation

Creating your own libraries

Purpose – Creation – Use

Educational objectives

  • get used to Simulink environment
  • create dynamic models with available blocks in libraries
  • simulate system behavior
  • analyze simulation results
  • understand numerical integration methods
  • build your own library

Expected benefits

  • design and simulate dynamic systems so as to study their behavior
  • create your own simulation applications


Duration: 2 day

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • senior technicians
  • scientists

Training level:

  • introduction course
  • general subject


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