Formation Acsystème Simscape

Simscape: multi-physics system modelling and simulation (SS-MS)

Discover the acausal approach for modelling and simulating multi-physics systems


Concept of acausal modelling – Difference with Simulink – Simple network modelling and simulation

Understanding the Simscape approach

Physical variables – Component constitution – Connection rules – Library organisation

Designing and simulating a network

Create a network – Access physical variables – Adjust the initial conditions

Connecting to different fields

Use of conversion blocks – Subsystem creation

Interfacing your model with Simulink and Matlab

Simscape/Simulink interface – Network inputs – Variable units – Parameters defined in Matlab – Algebraic loops – Managing solvers

Developing customised components

Edit the component code – Create and compile a component in Simscape language

Educational objectives

  • create dynamic systems with basic Simscape components
  • interface multi-field Simscape networks
  • interface your Simscape model in a Simulink model
  • simulate model behaviour

Expected benefit

  • understand modelling and simulating a dynamic model in Simscape


Duration: 1 day

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • senior technicians

Training level:

  • advanced course
  • general subject


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