Formation Acsystème Scilab

Scilab: scientific calculation, simulation and data display software (SC-CS)

Getting used to Scilab open source environment

Initiation to Scilab environment

Scilab command window – Help and demos

Variable use

Declaration – Allocation – Workspace – Reserved variables – Data types

Handle matrix

Declaration – Création – Indexation – Concatenation – Extraction

Perform numerical calculation

Arithmetic operators – Relational operators – Logical operators – Holistic operators – Mathematical functions – Matrix functions – Basic statistical functions

Display data

2D: curve plotting, multiple plots, graphical settings
3D: plot in space area

Develop your first programs

Scripts – Functions – Iterative loops – Conditional instructions

Master strings

Declaration – Concatenation – Comparison – Conversion

Exploit lists

Declaration – Creation – Indexation

Benefit of typed list

Declaration – Creation – Indexation – Operation

Import and export data

Reading/writing functions for text files – Reading functions for Excel files – Import/Export binary files

Build a human-machien interface

Basic functions(questioning, display in command window) – Available dialog boxes(choice list, value edition…)

Optimise algorithms

Pre-allocation – Vectorisation

Educational objectives

  • getting used to Scilab environment: numerical calculation and visualisation
  • overview of Scilab possibilities

Expected benefit

  • know how to use Scilab for scientific calculation, visualisation and analysis of data graphically


Duration: 2 days

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • technicians
  • scientists
  • mathematicians

Training level:

  • introduction course
  • general subject


  • knowledge of matrix calculation and programming basics

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