Formation Acsystème Stateflow

Stateflow: graphical conception of supervision and control system (ST-MS)

Event systems modelling and interactions with Simulink in order to add logical supervision

Discovering Stateflow concepts

Finite state machine (FSM) – Stateflow object definition (graphical or not)

Applying them through an example

Definition of state – Event definition – Transition definition – Simulink interactions

Editing a diagram

Detailed introduction of graphical object edit mode

Defining action

Definition – Implementation – Actions choice

Implementing flow diagrams

Presentation and programming

Using truth tables

Purpose – Utilization – Implementation

Observing Stateflow diagram execution

Step by step execution – Diagram animation

Discovering the notion of events

Local events – Directed events – Implicit events

Using temporal logical operators

After – Before – At

Initiation to graphical functions

Definition – Programming – Appearance advices

Educational objectives

  • getting used to Stateflow environment
  • design event systems

Expected benefit

  • add logical supervision to a Simulink model


Duration: 1 day

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • senior technicians
  • automation experts

Training level:

  • perfecting course
  • general subject


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