Formation Acsystème Simulink

Simulink: Advanced Simulation (SI-SA)

Develop complete, specific, and user-friendly complete simulation environments

Creating your own simulation environment

Creation of simulation scenarios – Run simulation from Matlab – Manage data – Store and analyse results – Use of callbacks – Run batches – Use Simulink projects

Organising your model and capitalising

Review personalised libraries – Virtual and atomic subsystems – Model reference- Configurable blocks and variant subsystems – Comparison of different structures

Optimising simulation time

Understanding simulation modes – Fast Restart use – Setting advanced simulation parameters – Performance Advisor

Focus more on simulator presentation

Advice about programming and presentation – Model Advisor

Creating personalised blocks

Know the different existing solutions and their capability- Learn about Matlab S-functions

Educational objectives

  • use advanced Simulink functions: interaction with Matlab, creation of Matlab S-functions, calculation of a model’s state of equilibrium

Expected benefits

  • develop complete, specific, and user-friendly environments for simulation
  • embed Matlab codes into Simulink


Duration: 1 day

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • scientists

Training level:

  • advanced course
  • general subject


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