Automatic control: advanced control law (AU-CA)

To ensure the best performance/robustness compromise for your control law, advanced methods exist

Master Robust Pole Place (RPP)

Pole placement techniques – Robust pole placement strategy – Application to PID – Robustifying LTR effects – Set RPP controller

Initiation to controle of standard state (CES – H2)

Controller structure – Asymptotic reject principle – Obersever filter calculation – Control gain calculation – Creation of en entire controller – Robustifying LTR effects – Set CES controller

Use of feedforward

Feedforward principle – Setpoint tracking – Reject of measured disturbance – Feedforward synthesis with H2 coptimisation

Realise a robust multi-model synthesis

Principle – IT structure to build – Pratical application with a PID

Predictive control creation (MPC)

Principle – Linear predictive control – Constraints awareness – Reduction of simulation duration

Educational objectives

  • design a control law with robust pole placement, standard control state
  • design feedforward
  • synthesise robust multi-models

Expected benefit

  • master main methods of advanced control laws


Duration: 2 days

Target audience:

  • engineers
  • technicians

Training level:

  • perfecting course
  • technical course


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